O'Reilly Ignored Mark Kirk Military Award Lie Story
By: Steve - June 2, 2010 - 11:00am

As I expected and predicted, O'Reilly totally ignored the Mark Kirk military award lie story, simply because he is a Republican, and that is a fact. Kirk is a Republican who is running against Democrat Alexi Giannoulias for an Illinois Senate seat.

Think about this, last week the story about the Democratic Senate candidate Richaed Blumenthal broke, he was caught lying about serving in Vietnam. He did serve in the Marine reserves at the time, but he was not in Vietnam. And boy did O'Reilly love that story, he loved it so much he reported on it three nights in a row.

For three straight nights O'Reilly devoted a segment to the Blumenthal story, with Republicans on each time to hammer him. And then a similar story breaks about the Republican Kirk, and not only does O'Reilly not report it for three straight nights, he did not report it at all.

The only difference is that Kirk is a Republican. Kirk's false claim that he was named the Navy Intelligence Officer of the Year in the late 1990's was even made at a Congressional committee hearing. There is even a video of him saying the lie, which O'Reilly usually loves to show, especially when it's a Democrat, but O'Reilly is still ignoring the story.

And the only reason anyone can think of why, is that Kirk is a Republican. At the very beginning of Kirk's testimony, he makes this claim: "I've been in office just one year. Before that I was a Navy Reserve Intelligence Officer--was the Navy's Intelligence Officer of the Year in 1998," Kirk said in a March 2002 House committee hearing.

In one segment O'Reilly did on the Blumenthal story, O'Reilly said the military lie may have ruined his Senate run, and he claimed Blumenthal was trying to salvage his political viability. In the same segment O'Reilly had Republican Fred Thompson on to slam Blumenthal. Thompson said the Blumenthal military lie is a serious problem, and I quote:
THOMPSON: The most serious problem in this country, is people's distrust for government and the people who represent them. Then somebody like this comes along and undermines that even more.
Then Thompson called Blumenthal a weasel.

The very next night O'Reilly had another Republican on to discuss it, with no Democratic guest of course. O'Reilly devoted another full segment to the story with the far right Laura Ingraham.

Ingraham said Blumenthal willfully broke a cardinal rule of military service. Ingraham said this:
INGRAHAM: I don't think anyone who happened to be a Republican would get away by saying I 'misspoke.' I've had scores of vets calling my show, and they all say they never, ever say we were in theater when we were not in theater. It's considered a terrible instance of what they call stolen valor."
Ingraham also said that Blumenthal's political career is toast. And then in the same show O'Reilly talked more about the Blumenthal story in the News Quiz with Steve Doocy and Martha MacCallum.

Anyone notice a pattern here. When a Democrat does something wrong O'Reilly reports it two or three nights in a row. And he only has a Republican on to discuss it, so there is never a Democratic guest to give the other side, and provide the balance a journalist is supposed to have.

But when a Republican does something wrong, even when it's almost the very same thing, as in lying about what you did in the military. Not only does O'Reilly not report it two or three nights in a row, with only Democratic guests to slam him, O'Reilly does not report the story at all. And btw, Blumenthal had times when he only said he served DURING Vietnam, so he did actually mis-speak, Kirk lied about his military award all the time, every time, even at a Congressional hearing. Making what he did much worse, and yet O'Reilly still ignored it all.

That my friends is 100% proof that Bill O'Reilly is a biased, one sided, right-wing hack of a pretend journalist. Because only a biased partisan Republican would cover those two stories like that. And now if you run into someone who claims O'Reilly is a fair and balanced independent journalist, and not a Republican, just show them this blog posting.

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