Luntz Admits Fox Has Anti-Obama Focus Groups
By: Steve - February 1, 2011 - 9:00am

As if we needed it, here is more evidence that Fox pressures their top pollster Frank Luntz to have mostly anti-Obama Americans in his focus groups. Now remember this, Luntz is the Factor pollster, O'Reilly even calls him Dr. Luntz.

And I have been saying for years that these focu groups Luntz has are rigged to make Obama and the Democrats look bad. Now I have even more proof, because Luntz has admitted that Fox pressures him to rig the focus groups.

In a report by Media Matters Shauna Theel said this: Frank Luntz is blaming Fox News for pressuring him to create focus groups that The Los Angeles Times called "laughably tilted against" President Obama:
You saw it after the State of the Union address, when Fox offered up a famously partisan political operative as an unbiased pollster, just wanting to help us understand the American people. Surprise, surprise -- GOP consultant Frank Luntz spoon-fed Fox viewers a focus group chock-full of Obama haters.

Luntz and his focus group -- starring on Fox's "The Sean Hannity Show" following the speech. That meant a typically biting commentary from Hannity, leading questions by Luntz and plenty of airtime for a panel laughably tilted against the president.

The kangaroo court convened with Chief Justice Hannity declaring Obama "flat," redundant and out of touch. Luntz didn't even bother to stifle a smile when he told the 29 members of the focus group, "I don't want you to feel under pressure because of what Sean Hannity just said."
Luntz also said he has to rig the focus groups against Obama, because if he does not do it, they cut his air time. Luntz admitted that his airtime has been cut on Fox because his findings didn't agree with their right-wing opinions.

As a frequent contributor to Fox News, Luntz promotes the best messages for Republican politicians and Tea Party protesters. In fact, Luntz coined Politifact's 2010 lie of the year -- "government takeover of health care" -- a lie that was fully embraced and repeatedly promoted by Fox News.

Luntz isn't just any political operative; he's Fox News chief political operative, helping Fox News campaign for Republican candidates and develop talking points to aid the GOP.

And an effective one at that: The Luntz focus groups frequently parrot the Fox News talking points. It's no wonder why Fox keeps inviting him back, and O'Reilly has him as his official pollster.

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