O'Reilly Caught Lying About His Ratings Again
By: Steve - March 17, 2010 - 9:00am

During the Tuesday March 16th Factor show, O'Reilly told Brit Hume that 6 million people watched the Factor last night, which would be the Monday 3-15-10 show. That is a 100% flat out bold faced lie. I am looking at the Monday ratings right now as I write this, O'Reilly had 3.769 million total viewers Monday.

And btw, the 11pm Factor re-run had 1.520 million total viewers, so even if you add the 11pm re-run to the 8pm numbers (which is never done in the ratings business) it's only 5.289 million, which is still not 6 million viewers. Earth to O'Reilly 3.7 million is not 6 million, and 5.2 million is also not 6 million, you lying jackass.

What's sad is that O'Reilly already has the #1 rated cable news show, but he still feels the need to lie about his ratings. And last Friday he only had 3.1 million total viewers, but he never claimed to have 6 million viewers that night. Because even if you add the re-run, you only get 4 million. But he lies about the Monday numbes, because he had almost 3.8 million on Monday, which is still not 6 million.

O'Reilly is pathetic, he can not even report his real ratings, he has to lie about them to make it look like he gets more viewers than he really does. The Factor averages about 3.6 million viewers a night, and that is a fact. Not to mention, nobody counts their re-run numbers in their ratings, except O'Reilly, and that is also a fact.

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