Last night on the Friday (1-29-10) Factor show, O'Reilly had (his biased right-wing buddy) Scott Rasmussen on to back up his ridiculous claim that Fox News is the most trusted News Network in America. They both dishonestly claim that Fox News is the most trusted. Which is nothing but right-wing spin, put out by two Republican spin doctors. And to prove that, here are the facts, all the facts, not just the facts O'Reilly wanted you to see.

As usual O'Reilly only reports half the story to fit his agenda. Fox came out as #1 in the most trusted poll, but the great journalist Bill O'Reilly failed to report a lot of the details, like almost everything.

The poll sampled moderates, conservatives, and liberals. It was taken by 47% moderates, 39% conservatives, but only 14% liberals. So the poll was slanted to favor moderates and conservatives, because liberals were only 14% of the survey.

Conservative trust of the Media, trust/don't trust:

FOX: 75/13
CNN: 22/60
ABC: 16/67
NBC: 15/66
CBS: 14/68

Moderates trust of the media, trust/don't trust:

-- CNN: 47/31
-- NBC: 44/33
-- CBS: 41/33
-- ABC: 39/34
-- FOX: 33/48

Liberal trust of the Media, trust/don't trust:

NBC: 64/22
CNN: 63/21
CBS: 56/29
ABC: 50/31
FOX: 26/66

Fox News wins in the poll because conservatives overwhelmingly trust them by a 75 to 13 margin, so that put their overall average for trust the highest. But the moderates and the liberals all voted Fox dead last in trust, among moderates CNN was actually #1, NBC 2nd, CBS 3rd, ABC 4th, and Fox was last.

With everyone else in America Fox News is the least trusted News Network. The conservatives were only 39% of the poll, yet O'Reilly claims their vote means the majority of Americans trust Fox. When all it shows is that 75% of the Republicans who took the poll trust Fox the most.


The bottom line is this, only Republicans trust Fox News more than they do not trust them. The rest of the people in America trust Fox News the least. And what this segment by O'Reilly also shows, is that not only is he a dishonest right-wing hack, Rasmussen is too.

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