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UPDATE - 1-11-09: As I reported in October of 2008 the Factor guest list was unbalanced with way more Republicans than Democrats. It was 29 to 8, 22 to 5, etc. I reported it was only that close because it was near the election and O'Reilly wanted to look more balanced before the big presidential election.

As proof I was exactly right, last week for the week of 1-5-09 to 1-9-08 the Factor had 20 Republican guests and 1 Democrat guest. And the 1 Democrat was not a real Democrat, it was a fake FOX News Democrat Juan Williams. Once the election was over the Democrat guests basically disappeared. And I will continue to document it in my blog on the front page.


On the Thursday 10-16-08 O'Reilly Factor, Bill O'Reilly read
an e-mail from Bob in California, here is the transcript of that e-mail:

"Mr. O'Reilly, I perceive you as an honest man but I disagree when you say you are fair and balanced. Putting Rove and Morris on is not both sides."

Bob Wilson, San Jose CA

O'Reilly had a very interesting and untrue answer for Bob, look at what
he said, here is the transcript:

O'REILLY: Did Geraldine Ferraro not appear on your tv set, Bob? C'mon. On Tuesday I had three Democrats and just one Republican in the first two blocks. I make sure, personally make sure, that throughout the week we have equal representation of conservative, liberal, Democrat, Republican. OK, I mean, if you have been watching the show I've been doing this now into our thirteenth year, and we have voices, and they're equal.

That is the biggest load of lying dishonest right-wing garbage I have ever heard O'Reilly say in my life. I document his guest list, every night, and every week, then I write about it in my blog, and in the O'Reilly Sucks Forums.

To show you O'Reilly is lying I will list every guest he had this week, from Monday to Friday, look at it, and decide if his Republican to Democrat guest list is balanced.

Monday - 10-13-08:

Juan Williams(D), Mary K. Ham, Stuart Varney, Dagen McDowell, John Kasich, and Bernie Goldberg.
(5 Republicans, 1 Democrat)

Tuesday - 10-14-08:

Andrea Tantaros, Julie Menin(D), Bob Beckel(D), Lanny Davis(D), Amanda Carpenter, Megyn Kelly, Lis Wiehl, Steve Doocy, and Gretchen Carlson.
(6 Republicans, 3 Democrats)

Wednesday - 10-15-08:

Karl Rove, Dick Morris, Geraldine Ferraro(D), Liz Clayman, Dagen McDowell, Dennis Miller, and Brit Hume.
(6 Republicans, 1 Democrat)

Thursday - 10-16-08:

Laura Ingraham, Frank Luntz, Megyn Kelly, John Stossel, and Dick Morris.
(5 Republicans, 0 Democrats)

Friday - 10-17-08:

Laura Ingraham, Mike Huckabee, Marc Lamont Hill(D), Scott Rasmussen, Frank Newport, Jonathan Hoenig, Patricia Powell, John Flannery(D), Kerry Kennedy(D), Christopher Hitchens.
(7 Republicans, 3 Democrats)

Weekly Total: 29 Republicans - 8 Democrats

Here is the Factor guest list from last week, 10-6-08 to 10-10-08:

Monday - 10-6-08:

Mary K. Ham, Juan Williams(D), Bill Sammon, Matthew Vadum, Jerry Brown(D).
(3 Republicans, 2 Democrats)

Tuesday - 10-7-08:

Karl Rove(2 Segments), Megyn Kelly, Lis Wiehl, Carl Cameron, Dick Morris, Major Garrett.
(6 Republicans, 0 Democrats)

Wednesday - 10-8-08:

Dick Morris, Howard Wolfson (D), Frank Luntz, Ralph Nader(I), Dennis Miller, Amanda Carpenter.
(4 Republicans, 1 Democrat, 1 Independent)

Thursday - 10-9-08:

Dagen McDowell, Terry Keenan, Laura Ingraham, Marc Lamont Hill(D), Monica Crowley, Margaret Hoover.
(5 Republicans, 1 Democrat)

Thursday - 10-10-08:

Newt Gingrich, Ben Stein, Elizabeth McDonald, Frank Luntz, Geraldo Rivera(D), Dennis Miller.
(5 Republicans, 1 Democrat)

Weekly Total: 22 Republicans - 5 Democrats - 1 Independent

Bill O'Reilly claims 29 Republicans to 8 Democrats this week is balanced, and he says 22 Republicans to 5 Democrats, and 1 Independent last week, is a balanced show, in my world 29 to 8 is not balanced, and 22 to 6 is not balanced, it's not even close. If it was just 15 to 13, or 16 to 12, he might be able to claim somewhat of a balance, but 29 to 8 and 22 to 6 is totally out of balance.

Let alone claim he has an equal number of Republican and Democrat guests on every week, an equal number would be 14 to 14, or maybe 15 to 13. When it's 29 to 8 one week and 22 to 6 the week before, it's unbalanced, and it's unbalanced by a lot.

Update - 10-24-08: For this week, Monday thru Friday:
O'Reilly has had 20 Republican guests to 7 Democrats. This morning
on the View tv show, he said he is not a partisan, and that he does
not take sides. Yeah, and I'm Elvis. If 20 to 7 is not partisan, what is?

To read the O'Reilly Sucks blog, and get more information about
Bill O'Reilly make sure to visit the home page:

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