Facts On The Economy Bill O'Reily Is Totally Ignoring
By: Steve - October 2, 2014 - 5:30pm

I watch the Factor every night, and I have for about 14 years now. This kills the lie that O'Reilly spins out that none of his critic actually watch his show, I do, and I have for a long time.

And I can tell you that O'Reilly never reports any good economic news, ever. Because it makes Obama look good.

I watch his show and then write a daily review every morning about the show from the night before. And I can tell you without a doubt that O'Reilly never reports any good economic, or good stock market news, he ignores it all. Unless the market goes down one day, then he reports that, but when it goes back up he ignores it.

After ignoring all the good economic news over the last 2 years, Wednesday night O'Reilly has a ridiculous segment he called "Truth Serum" where he asked this: Is the Economy Improving?

So on the Factor website O'Reilly has this in the summary of the segment, quote: President Obama insists that the economy is on the mend and that Americans are better off than they were six years ago. The Factor asked FNC's Molly Line to inject some truth serum into that claim.

"There has never been a period this long without a decline in private job growth," Line reported, "and what he's saying is that for the past 54 months there has been an increase in private sector jobs. But the average number of private sector jobs created during the Obama administration is less than in previous recoveries. The deficit is lower than it was in 2009, but the national debt has climbed by more than 6-trillion dollars."

Speaking of the truth, O'Reilly ignores this all, he never reports on any of it. Then he does a biased segment with one guest from Fox News asking if the economy is improving, when he knows it is, he just has to pretend it's not because that is what partisan hacks do, here is some real truth.

6 years ago, As Bush was preparing to leave office in January of 2009:

1. The DOW had fallen to 8000
2. The NASDAQ had plunged to 1500.
3. The average American with a 401K lost about half of their retirement savings.
4. Banks that had survived the Great Depression were going out of business.
5. Housing prices were falling like a rock as the bubble burst.
6. The unemployment rate was 7.8%, and going up. In the same month that Bush handed over the economy to Obama, 818,000 workers lost their jobs.
7. The US auto industry was on it's knees begging for a bailout.
8. The Bush administration had to borrow 700 billion dollars from the taxpayers to bail out the banks.
9. In the 4th quarter of 2008, 3 weeks before the torch was passed from Republican President to Democratic President the US economy contracted a whopping 8.9%, the worst in postwar history.

So where are we NOW, 6 years later with a Democratic President.

1. The worst recession in US history is over.
2. People are going back to work. Just 12 months after Bush handed over the worst economy since the Great Depresssion to Obama, the US began adding jobs instead of losing them. The unemployment rate is now 6.1% and headed down.
3. Banks are healthy and profitable again.
4. The US auto industry is the pride of the nation.
5. Housing prices are on the rise again.
6. Home building is up again.
7. The average rate of inflation for the 6 Obama years has averaged a low1.6 percent vs 2.8 percent for 8 years of Bush. Good news for shoppers and savers. Interest rates are low.
8. Consumer confidence is soaring.
9.The Bush war in Iraq is over. No more US soldiers have died there since 2011.
10. Osama Bin Laden is Dead.
11. And the stock market? The DOW is higher than it has ever been in it's history. It's breaking records.
12. The NASDAQ has tripled since the closing days of the Bush administration.
13. The Standard & Poor’s 500 Index climbed above 2,000, for the first time in history.
14. In June auto sales rose to an 8 year high.
15. In the second quarter of 2014 the US GDP surged to 4.6% beating Wall Street expectations.

And O'Reilly has not reported any of that, But he sure had time to have one Fox News guest on to question if the economy is improving at all. It's just laughable, the economy is 10 times better now than it was just 4 years ago, and 100 times better than it was when Bush left office in January of 2009.

To even question if the economy has improved under Obama is insanity, it's total partisan right-wing propaganda and bias. O'Reilly ignores the almost daily good economic news, he does not report any of it, those are facts, and instead he does a biased one sided segment with a Fox News employee asking if the economy has improved under Obama.

It's about as biased as a person can get, and this is from the guy who claims to only report the facts, while he ignores all the facts, and then reports pure right-wing propaganda instead. This is the guy who claims to be fair and balanced and have a no spin zone, which is just laughable.

And btw, O'Reilly also said he will confront all his critics, so I sent him and his producers some e-mails asking to be a guest on the show to confront O'Reilly with some of these economic facts, and guess what, they did not even answer my e-mails, nothing, not even a no, they did not reply at all, not O'Reilly or any of his corrupt producers.

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