Why I started www.oreilly-sucks.com

My name is Steve, I am a registered Independent, and I have been all my life. Make no mistake though, I am a Liberal, and damn proud of it.

I started this web site because Bill O'Reilly lies about being a Republican. If he were honest to the American people about his partisan ideology this website would not be here. I have no problem with Republicans voicing their opinions, as I support free speech 100 percent. I have no problem with Joe Scarborough, John Gibson, Tucker Carlson, Sean Hannity etc. Because they admit they are Republicans, so you know where they are coming from, and you can take what they say with a grain of salt and put it in the proper context. But O'Reilly denies he is a Republican, which is ridiculous, he is as neo-con as Bush or Cheney or just about any far right Republican you can think of.

O'Reilly tries to pass himself off as a humble guy who watches out for the folks, this is bull, it's a con-game to make money and spread his right-wing agenda. All you have to do is watch the factor once or twice (if you can take it) and you will see he is clearly a far right Republican pretending to be a fair and balanced journalist. If O'Reilly would have never denied he is a Republican this website would not be here, and if he would admit it today I would take the website offline. As long as he is lying to the American people about his partisan right-wing ideology this website will be here. It is here to expose his bias, his spin, and his lies.

I do not disagree with everything Bill O'Reilly says or does. I agree with him about 5 percent of the time, the other 95 percent of the time he is either spinning, or lying, or doing one sided biased interviews, and attacks on liberals.

The main problems with O'Reilly are the lies he tells, the right-wing spin he uses, and the unfairness of his show. He is a journalist, he is part of the free press, the press of the people, by the people, and for the people. A journalist is supposed to be truthful and objective and be fair to both sides of the issues. O'Reilly is none of those, he lies about having a no spin zone, he lies about not being a conservative, he lies about being an independent, and he lies about being fair and balanced.

O'Reilly likes to point out how he is a news analyst, and how he does news analysis, I fully understand that. It still does not give him the right to lie to the american people, by claiming he is a fair and balanced independent journalist with a no-spin zone, who denies being a conservative, while spinning his 99% right-wing views.

The Society of Professional Journalists Have a web site with the "code of ethics" for all journalists. Visit their web site below, and read the "code of ethics" for journalists, then ask yourself how many ethics violations O'Reilly has on a daily basis.

The Society of Professional Journalists (Code of Ethics)

I do not respect Bill O'Reilly because he will not admit he is a conservative. I would have no problem with him or his show, if he would just be honest to the american people about his ideology, his partisanship, and his spin.

The other problems I have with O'Reilly are the lies he tells the american people, under the cover of claiming to be a fair and balanced independent journalist in a no spin zone. If you read the articles on my web site (and watch the factor a few times) you will see many examples and proof of what I say. O'Reilly spins almost everything to the right, almost all his attacks are against democrats, and almost all his interviews are unfair to the democrat or the non-conservative.

This is my main problem with O'Reilly, his lie about not being a conservative. And it is the #1 reason this website was started.

Update: 5-12-07 -- I have never called for Bill O'Reilly to be taken off the air, I support his right to free speech. I just want him to stop the lies, the spin, the bias, the hypocrisy, the double standards, the one sided attacks on Democrats and liberals, and the right-wing propaganda. I believe there should be conservative voices in the media, but I think all media should be fair and balanced, conservative or liberal.