The Facts About O'Reilly And GE Doing Business With Iran

2-11-09 -- O'Reilly is doing an assault on the CEO of GE, calling him a "pinhead" and a "despicable human being" who bears responsibility for the deaths of American soldiers in Iraq. Billy's charges revolve around GE's history of doing business with Iran.

O'Reilly claims that GE's Jeffery Immelt should be fired because he has run the company into the ground. Billy says their stock has dropped 77% so he should be fired, and he talks about how they did business with Iran so you should not buy their stock and Immelt should be fired because of it.

But as usual with O'Reilly he ignores the other 99% of the story that he does not want you to know. News Corp stock price has also dropped 72%, but you dont hear O'Reilly calling for Murdoch to be fired.

In a May 2008 Washington Post article this was reported about GE:
GE has long had a corporate presence in Iran, which U.S. officials say is providing weapons and training for Shiite militias in the Iraq conflict. Under growing criticism from the public and its own shareholders, GE announced in 2005 that it would accept no new business in Iran and would wind down existing contracts, which mostly involved sales of oil, gas and energy and health-care equipment.

The remaining work, valued at less than $50 million, amounts to less than .01 percent of GE's income, and the company says the final four contracts will expire within weeks.
That means all GE contracts with Iran expired in May or June of 2008. But O'Reilly is still saying GE is doing business with Iran that is getting US troops killed. When it's a bold faced lie, and O'Reilly knows it, so he is being dishonest. Just last night O'Reilly once again stated that GE is doing business with Iran, when those contracts expired 6 months ago.

Not to mention in August of 2004, the CBS show 60 Minutes identified 400 companies that are in pension portfolios that are doing business in terrorist-sponsoring states. Well over 200, are actually doing business in Iran; of that, more than 60 are doing business in Libya.

But O'Reilly never says a word about these other 200 American Corporations that are doing business with Iran, or their CEO, including Halliburton, the company Dick Cheney used to run. The 60 Minutes report identified specific companies that have invested in these rogue countries, including Halliburton, Conoco-Phillips and General Electric.

And they point out that New York's pension funds own nearly $1 billion worth of stock in these three Fortune 500 companies, which have operations in Iran and Syria. So just about everyone with a 401(k) pension plan or mutual fund has money invested in companies that are doing business in so-called rogue states.

In the case of Halliburton, as an example, they have an offshore subsidiary in the Cayman Islands. That subsidiary is doing business with Iran. That subsidiary, Halliburton Products and Services, Ltd., is wholly owned by the U.S.-based Halliburton and is registered in a building in the capital of the Cayman Islands a building owned by the local Calidonian Bank.

Halliburton and other companies set up in this Caribbean Island, because of tax and secrecy laws that are corporate friendly. Halliburton is the company that Vice President Dick Cheney used to run. He was CEO from 1995 to 2000, during which time Halliburton Products and Services set up shop in Iran. Today, it sells about $40 million a year worth of oil field services to the Iranian government.

In other words, if GE and their CEO Jeffery Immelt has helped kill US troops because they did business with Iran, so did Halliburton and their CEO Dick Cheney, and the 200 other CEO's of companies who all do business with Iran. But O'Reilly only reports that GE is doing business with Iran, when 200 other companies are too.

The reason he only mentions GE did business with Iran is real simple, revenge. He lies and smears GE to get revenge on Keith Olbermann. In May of 2008 Howard Kurtz reported this at the Washington Post:
The attacks grow out of an increasingly bitter feud between O'Reilly and the company's high-profile subsidiary, NBC, one that has triggered back-channel discussions involving News Corp. owner Rupert Murdoch, Fox News Roger Ailes, NBC chief Jeff Zucker and GE's CEO, Jeffrey Immelt.

Ailes called Zucker on his cellphone last summer, clearly agitated over a slam against him by MSNBC host Keith Olbermann. According to sources familiar with the conversation, Ailes warned that if Olbermann didn't stop such attacks against Fox, he would unleash O'Reilly against NBC and would use the New York Post as well.

Both Fox and the Post are owned by Murdoch, who complained about Olbermann's conduct in separate calls to Zucker and Immelt. The high-level appeals failed, and O'Reilly has escalated his criticism of GE, declaring, "If my child were killed in Iraq, I would blame the likes of Jeffrey Immelt."
And now you have all the facts, not just the selected cherry picked facts O'Reilly reported. He fails to mention Halliburton also does business with Iran, or that 200 other American companies do it too. He never says a word about the other 199 CEO's that do business with Iran, he only reports that GE and Jeffery Immelt are doing it.

And he lies about GE still doing business with Iran, when they stopped 6 months ago. O'Reilly is using his show to spin and lie about GE to get revenge for Keith Olbermann exposing him as a biased spinning right-wing liar.

That's not Journalism, it's bias, dishonesty, revenge, and just wrong!

And that is what the great Bill O'Reilly does with his #1 rated cable news show, he uses it to get revenge on a guy at MSNBC who simply tells the truth about him. And he lies and smears an entire Corporation to do it. While ignoring the other 200 American Companies and CEO's who are doing the exact same thing as GE, including Halliburton.

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