Bill O'Reilly Proves He Is A Lying Right-Wing Idiot Once Again
By: Steve - March 18, 2015 - 11:30am

This is one of the most lie filled biased right-wing propaganda reports Bill O'Reilly has ever put out. It is full of nothing but right-wing spin and lies, and it ignores all the actual facts. O'Reilly even said The Iraq War "Was A Victory Until President Obama Mucked It Up" Which is just laughable.

Here is what the dishonest right-wing hack said:

And now here are the facts, point by point.

1) The Iraq war was a disaster and based on lies about WMD's from Cheney and the bogus intelligence service he set up to feed lies about WMD's to the media. O'Reilly claims everyone thought Iraq had WMD's, which is a total lie, because at the time Scott Ritter (the actual weapons inspector in Iraq) was saying they did not have any. Among many others who said the very same thing.

You can read much more if you just google the facts about the Iraq war. And it all proves everything O'Reilly said is a lie in his attempt to slam Obama and defend Bush.

2) The creation of ISIS was a direct cause of getting rid of Saddam, that is a fact. Saddam had control of the country and he did not allow ISIS to operate in Iraq. Saddam also hated Al Qaeda and he did not allow them to operate in Iraq either.

This can be proven with many sources who are experts on Iraq, and some of them are even Republicans, including Colin Powell and Lawrence Wilkerson, who is a retired United States Army Colonel and former chief of staff to United States Secretary of State Colin Powell. They are both Republicans and they have said that ISIS would not be what it is today if Saddam was still in power in Iraq, and O'Reilly ignores it all.

3) And the biggest lie O'Reilly told, about Obama not leaving 10,000 troops in Iraq. That is garbage and total lies. Because Obama "pulled us out" under the terms of an agreement negotiated by the Bush administration. He was going to leave troops there and the Maliki government refused the terms of a Status of Forces Agreement that made U. S. forces immune to prosecution for crimes committed while occupying Iraq.

George W. Bush approved the Status of Forces Agreement with Iraq in November of 2008, not Obama. In fact, Obama did not even take office until January of 2009.

The U.S.–Iraq Status of Forces Agreement was a status of forces agreement (SOFA) between Iraq and the United States, signed by President George W. Bush in 2008. It established that U.S. combat forces would withdraw from Iraqi cities by June 30, 2009, and all U.S. forces will be completely out of Iraq by December 31, 2011.

George W. Bush agreed to it and signed it, President Obama had nothing to do with it, zero, because he was not even the President yet. And Bill O'Reilly never mentioned this fact one time, not once.

In November 2008, Iraq's Cabinet approved the agreements; on 27 November, the Iraqi Parliament ratified them; on December 4, Iraq's presidential council approved the security pacts. And under Obama they refused to change it and allow troops to stay, so Obama was forced to remove them from Iraq, he had no choice, because of the agreement Bush made and signed.

Under that agreement it was impossible for Obama to leave the 10,000 troops O'Reilly claims would have prevented ISIS. O'Reilly says Obama mucked it up by not leaving the troops, when he could not do it, and Iraq would not allow it. Because Bush put the SOFA in place and agreed to it, so how in the hell is that Obama's fault?

Only a biased partisan right-wing hack could come to that conclusion, to do that you have to leave out all the facts, which is exactly what O'Reilly did. Then on top of that O'Reilly says we won the Iraq war until Obama mucked it up, so what did we win?

Iraq is and was a disaster, and nobody in their right mind thinks we won, even before ISIS was created. Only clueless Bush defending right-wing fools believe we won in Iraq. We attacked a country that did not attack us, based on lies about WMD's, and it cost us billions and hundreds of thousands of deaths, not to mention creating the terrorist group ISIS, and it was all Bush's fault.

So when Obama tells the truth about Iraq O'Reilly attacks him, ignores all the facts, and spins out some right-wing fairy tale about how it is all Obama's fault for not leaving 10,000 troops in Iraq. When it was Bush who signed the SOFA, and even if we had left 10,000 troops the the experts say that would not have stopped ISIS anyway.

The problem was getting rid of Saddam, and that is a fact O'Reilly will never admit to, because he is a Bush defending fool. Bush did it, and Obama had no choice to pull the troops out because of the agreement Bush signed, and those are facts.

Lawerence Wilkerson said this: Before we invaded Iraq and sort of cemented the two sides and caused it to start. I think that was a disaster, invading Iraq in 2003, and we're seeing the results of that disaster right now.

But I don't think--that said, I don't think that adding more American troops to it is the answer to the problem. The answer to the problem is a political answer, but it's a political answer that's very complex and would take a long time to work its way out.

It involves Ankara, it involves the Turks, of course, it involves Tehran and the Iranians, it involves Saudi Arabia and the Gulf Cooperation Council, it involves Lebanon, it involves all the region--and I don't preclude Israel from being in there too--and taking on all the problems that are causing this Islamic State force to be supported by increasing numbers of Muslims, continue to be able to recruit, and recruit even better than before, and continuing to be able to prosecute its agenda in the region.

You don't stop that with bombs. You don't stop that with aircraft. You don't stop that with troops on the ground, for that matter, unless you're willing, as I said, to mobilize the nation and really go to war. The way you stop that is with political solutions to problems that are causing these people to do what they're doing, and more importantly, causing Muslims all around the world to support them.

And I could fill this website for weeks with more stuff just like that, it all proves O'Reilly wrong, and proves he is a liar, and that he did it to make the Democrat Obama look bad while defending his Republican hero George W. Bush. O'Reilly is wrong about all of it, and left out all the facts that show he is wrong. Nothing he said was true, not a word, it was all right-wing propaganda.

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