O'Reilly Caught Lying About ISIS Threat & Juan Williams
By: Steve - September 5, 2014 - 10:00am

On the Wednesday Factor show Bill O'Reilly talked about the threat to America from ISIS, and how he thinks they are a threat and that Obama is ignoring them so it is a danger to America. Even though Obama is not ignoring them, he is using drones on them and has sent more troops to the area.

O'Reilly also implied that Juan Williams was the only person who is saying ISIS is not a threat to the United States, even though Homeland Security put out a statement saying ISIS is not a threat to anyone in the United States. And Stratfor.com, which O'Reilly has listed and a source he uses all the time, saying that are not a threat inside the United States.

This is on O'Reilly's very own website:
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But on the Wednesday show O'Reilly makes no mention of the Homeland Security report, or the Stratfor.com report on ISIS. He tried to make it look like Juan Williams was wrong to say they are not a threat to anyone in the United States, and that he is the only person who thinks that, which is dishonest and biased reporting from O'Reilly.

Here is what O'Reilly said:
O'REILLY: According to Juan, there's no proof ISIS has the capability to directly attack the U.S.
He made it look like Juan Williams is the only person who is saying it, when in fact a lot of people are saying the same thing. Here are some quotes from and AP article on it:

Homeland Security: Islamic State poses no specific threat within the United States

The United States is not aware of any specific threat to the U.S. homeland from Islamic State militants, the Department of Homeland Security said on Friday after Britain raised its international terrorism threat level.

Islamic State militants and their supporters, however, "have demonstrated the intent and capability to target American citizens overseas," Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson said in a statement. He noted DHS has taken steps over the summer to strengthen security at overseas airports with direct flights to the United States.

Johnson said he has spoken to UK Home Secretary Theresa May about Britain's decision to raise its terrorism alert to the second-highest level. It is the first time since mid-2011 that Britain has been placed on this high of an alert level.

White House spokesman Josh Earnest said there was no plan to raise the U.S. threat assessment level.

And Alan Colmes told Greg Gutfeld this:
COLMES: "According to Stratfor, which analyzes geopolitical threats, ISIS couldn't even beat the Kurds in northern Iraq or the Shiites in southern Iraq. This is being ginned up for the purpose of getting American involvement. Wait until it's a true threat to the homeland of the United States."
Those are the facts from terrorism experts, not the opinions of partisan hacks who work at Fox News. They say that ISIS is no threat to anyone inside the United States, yes they are a threat to Americans overseas, but not here. So instead of getting the truth from O'Reilly, we get spin and lies, and then Democrats who report the truth are called communists and terrorist supporters, which is just insane, and nothing but right-wing propaganda to make Democrats look bad.

Open your eyes folks, Fox News is not a news network, they are a propaganda arm of the Republican party. They do noting but spin and lie to you to make Democrats look bad, that is their main goal, to make Democrats look bad so less people will vote for them. And this blog posting is example #1 million that what I say is true about Fox.

O'Reilly ignored the Homeland Security statement on it, and even ignored what his own intelligence agency (Stratfor) says about them. This is done on purpose by O'Reilly to fit his narrative and his position on the issue, O'Reilly is not reporting the facts as he claims to do, he is putting his spin on the story.

This is not impartial journalism, it's bias and spin. It's called cherry picking news you want your viewers to see, not all the news that is out there about it. It's called giving one side of the story in a biased way by spinning the facts and ignoring other facts, even when those facts say different, and they are even your own sources, you just ignore them when they say something you do not like or agree with.

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