O'Reilly & Morris Lied About The Debt Polls
By: Steve - July 22, 2011 - 10:00am

Talk about right-wing spin, this is it. On the Wednesday night Factor show O'Reilly had a segment with Dick Morris, where O'Reilly said Americans are increasingly concerned about the debt crisis.

So O'Reilly claims the American people are really really worried about the debt crisis, and his evidence of that was, you guessed it, a poll done by Dick Morris and his own personal polling company.

They are both saying that most Americans really care about the debt, and that they are increasingly concerned.

But it's all bull, it's garbage, it's all made up by O'Reilly, then he has Morris on with his bogus and biased poll to spin it with him, to make it look like he is right, when he is dead wrong.

Here are the facts:

The Dick Morris polls are worthless, they have no credibility, none. Because he is a biased right-wing hack, and he basically rigs his polls by the way he asks the questions, and by who he samples.

Most Americans care about jobs and the economy, a new poll taken by Gallup on July 10th has it like this:

Economy - 31%
Jobs - 27% Debt - 16%

And that is a real poll, not the Dick Morris rigged up poll. It shows that most Americans could care less about the debt crisis. Only 16% of the people care, that means 84% do not care.

In O'Reillyworld that means it is an important issue with the American people. But in the real world all it shows is that nobody really cares, and it also shows that O'Reilly and Morris are lying, spinning, right-wing hacks that will lie to you.

And finally we have what I call poll cherry picking, O'Reilly cherry picks polls that agree with his position on an issue, while ignoring polls that disagree with him.

O'Reilly and Morris both ignored this poll, In the new Quinnipiac poll a majority of U.S. voters trust Obama more than congressional Republicans to get the country back on track - and they also favor his approach to trimming the nation's debt, a poll out last Thursday found.

It not only says more Americans trust Obama on the debt than Republicans, it also says the Republicans would get most of the blame if a deal is not done by August 2nd.

The poll says that 45 percent trust the president more than Republicans on the economy, while 38 percent trust the Republicans more.

The poll also found that if there's no deal to raise the debt ceiling, voters would blame congressional Republicans over the president, 48 percent to 34 percent.

Survey participants also would prefer to see two measures that Obama has pushed: tax hikes for the rich and closing loopholes.

So what O'Reilly did was ignore the real polls, and have the biased right-wing hack Dick Morris on to use his bogus poll, which has no credibility. That is not only bias from O'Reilly, it's dishonest, because he is cherry picking a right-wing poll to back up his argument.

O'Reilly is using a right-wing hack (Dick Morris) and his biased poll, to lie to the American people. While ignoring the Gallup and Quinnipiac polls, that are honest, impartial, and trusted polls, that say the opposite of what O'Reilly and Morris claim.

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