4-10-09 -- I guess this is some of that "fair to Obama" reporting O'Reilly claims to have. Last night O'Reilly said this:
Hi, I'm Bill O'Reilly. Thank you for watching us tonight. Can the Republicans find a leader? That is the subject of this evening's "Talking Points Memo."

Writing in "The Wall Street Journal" today, Karl Rove points out that President Obama's job approval rating among Independents has dropped nine points in a month to 52 percent. Also, the president has polarized Americans. 88 percent of Democrats approve, but only 27 percent of Republicans like the job he's doing.
There is one big big problem with that statement, it's all lies, and 100% right-wing propaganda. O'Reilly claims Obama has polarized Americans because 88% of Democrats approve, but only 27% of Republicans approve. Except it was the same way when Bush was the president, 90% of Republicans approved, and roughly 20% of Democrats approved, their is no difference, except then O'Reilly did not say Bush has polarized Americans.

In fact, Obama has polarized Americans less than Bush did, because his approval with Independents is way higher than it was with Bush. So O'Reilly has it wrong, and Obama is less polarizing than Bush. It's basically all right-wing propaganda from O'Reilly, who claims to be an Independent who has been fair to Obama.

Not only have the Obama approval ratings not dropped 9 points with Independents in the last month to 52%, they have not dropped at all. They were at 60% a month ago, and they are still at 60% today. And here is the proof.

On March 1st Obama was at 60% approval with Independents, and as of 4-7-09 it was still 60% approval. Here is what Gallup wrote 3 days ago on April 7th.
Obama's approval ratings among Democrats and independents have been highly stable. Last week's averages of 90% approval from Democrats and 60% from independents nearly match the averages for his presidency to date.
Karl Rove is a partisan Republican who worked for Geroge W. Bush, he hates Obama and lied about his approval with Independents dropping. So what does O'Reilly the so-called Independent with a no spin zone do, of course he picks up the Rove lies and reports them as fact. Which is something only a dishonest Republican would do. Even after O'Reilly said he has been fair to Obama, if that is being fair I'm dating Pam Anderson.

The Gallup numbers show the exact opposite of what O'Reilly and Rove claim, which proves they are both right-wing liars. I am calling on O'Reilly to have me on his show to discuss it, and I am calling on him to issue a correction, and admit he is a lying Republican idiot. Is this being fair to Obama, lying about his approval ratings dropping with Independents.

What say you Billy?

And btw, the TPM was about the Republicans having no leader. But O'Reilly used it to claim the Obama approval numbers have dropped 9 points in the last month with Independents. Ummmmmm, ok, so what does that have to do with the Republicans not having a leader, answer, nothing.

To begin with it's a lie, his approval has not dropped at all with Independents in the last month. What it shows is that O'Reilly hates Obama so much even when he talks about Republicans not having a leader he still has to get an Obama smear in the mix. If that's not biased and dishonest Journalism, I don't know what is. And remember, O'Reilly claims he has been fair to Obama.

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