Proof O'Reilly Spins The Obama Job Rating Polls
By: Steve - June 3, 2010 - 9:00am

Over the last 9 months O'Reilly has been saying the Obama job approval ratings are going down and down and down. His evidence, the biased Rasmussen poll taken by the Republican pollster, Scott Rasmussen. About once a week O'Reilly will cite the Rasmussen poll that shows a drop in approval for Obama.

While ignoring the more trusted and un-biased Gallup poll, that shows no drop at all. O'Reilly does this to imply that the Obama job approval numbers drop more and more every week. When it's a lie, the numbers go up a few points, and they go down a few points, then you average them to get a 3 day rolling average.

One day it might go down 3 points, and the next day it might go up 3 points. Dishonest journalists like O'Reilly only report the ratings on the down days, and only quotes Rasmussen, who always has an Obama approval rating 4 to 7 points lower than Gallup and most other pollsters.

The way to measure job approval ratings for a President is month to month, and year to year. Only dishonest partisan hacks measure it day by day, especially when they do a 3 day average. And honest journalist would report the ratings month by month, and report the numbers from 2 or 3 different polls, not just the one biased Rasmussen poll.

Right now as I type this, Rasmussen has Obama with a 46% approval rating, and a 53% disapproval rating. While the Gallup poll has Obama at 50% approval, with a 44% disapproval. And take note of this, the Rasmussen poll has Obama with a higher disapproval rating than approval. That alone proves his poll is biased, because almost every other valid poll in America has Obama with a higher approval than disapproval.

And the fact that O'Reilly only quotes the biased Rasmussen poll when he reports the Obama job approval ratings, proves how much of a right-wing partisan he is.

Here are the facts, since September of 2009, which is 9 months ago, the Obama job approval ratings have not dropped one point in the Gallup poll. Do you hear me O'Reilly, you liar, in the last 9 months the Obama job approval ratings have not dropped one point, not one. They go up a point or two one day, and go down a point or two the next day, but when you average it by the month, there is no drop, none.

Just look at this graphic, right from Gallup. You can clearly see the Obama job approval rating was 50% in September of 2009. Then you look at June of 2010 and it's 50% approval, with 44% disapproval.

Earth to Bill O'Reilly, the lying dishonest right-wing fraud of a journalist. If the Obama job approval rating at Gallup was 50% about 9 months ago in September of 2009, and today it's still 50%, there was no drop in job approval ratings, none, zero, zip. What part of that do you not understand?

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