How O'Reilly Puts Out Right-Wing Propaganda
By: Steve - March 12, 2011 - 10:30am

Here is a great example of how Bill O'Reilly helps to put out right-wing propaganda to fool the American people. First let me show you the truth.

Here is what honest journalists are reporting:

Wednesday night, Wisconsin GOP lawmakers called a surprise conference committee meeting and then rammed an anti-union bill through the state senate. Even though, by forcing the bill through without legally required public notice, the senators may have ensured that the bill will be declared void.

The Wisconsin open meetings law requires all government meetings to be conducted publicly and with advance notice except under very limited circumstances.

State Rep. Peter Barca (Democrat) even informed his colleagues of this legal requirement during the conference committee, the committee's Republican majority ignored his protests and voted to approve the bill while Barca was still explaining why their actions were illegal.

Those are the facts, the vote was illegal. And now let's look at how O'Reilly reported it. It is a 3 step propaganda plan by O'Reilly and Megyn Kelly, first he did a TPM about it at the start of the show.

Step one:

O'Reilly said this Thursday night: "Last night, the Wisconsin state senate voted to limit the bargaining power of the public unions in that state. They did this using a procedure that allowed the vote despite the absence of Democratic senators who fled the state to avoid the union vote."

Notice that not once did he say the vote was illegal, that was done on purpose so that later in the show he could have a Republican guest on to say it was a legal vote. So anyone who saw his TPM would have no idea the vote was illegal.

Step two:

Later in the show O'Reilly had Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly on, and she was asked if it's true, as some Democrats are contending, that the vote in Wisconsin to deny unions full bargaining power was illegal because the Democrats weren't present. Kelly stated that special sessions do not have the same rules as regular sessions, therefore the vote was legal as far as she could tell.

And that is a lie, because the vote was illegal and she knows it. So if you watched the Factor you now think the vote was legal, when in fact, it was not, and you are now misinformed on the issue.

Step three:

To make sure his viewers did not know the facts, O'Reilly did not have any Democratic guests on the show to say the vote was illegal. That way nobody is on to report the truth, so it's like killing two birds with one stone.

And that is how O'Reilly put out right-wing propaganda in three easy steps. Now if someone who watched the Factor is asked in person, or in a poll, if the Wisconsin vote was legal, they will say yes, because they are misinformed. Thanks to Bill O'Reilly and Megyn Kelly, who put out the right-wing propaganda that misinformed them.

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