3-12-09 -- Last night, and over the last couple weeks O'Reilly has been smearing Nancy Pelosi almost nightly. Now we know why, it's a planned strategy from the GOP leadership and House Republicans. And Billy is helping as much as he can, proving that he is a card carrying member of the Republican party. It's not a coincidence that suddenly O'Reilly started smearing Pelosi for no reason, it's a plan from the Republicans.
O'REILLY: Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi is under some fire for the way she uses military aircraft.

Shortly after the 9/11 attack, the White House mandated that the speaker of the House, third in line for the presidency, travel by government aircraft rather than commercial. Then-Speaker Dennis Hastert used a 12-seat Air Force jet. But Mrs. Pelosi prefers the much more expensive Gulfstream V.

Now, there is a legitimate reason, as Hastert could fly non-stop to his home in Illinois on the smaller plane, while that same aircraft would have to stop to refuel in order to get Pelosi home to San Francisco.

However, the group Judicial Watch filed a Freedom of Information request, and based on documents received says that Ms. Pelosi often cancels and changes military flights at the last minute, costing the taxpayers a bundle. According to the group, she took at least 50 military flights between February 2007 and November 2008.

Using private charter rates, 50 flights coast to coast would cost close to $1 million.

"Talking Points" believes that Nancy Pelosi and all other elected officials have an obligation to save taxpayer money whenever they can. That means keeping close track of all expenses, especially huge items like private military travel.
On March 7th, the National Journal reported this story.

Congressman Patrick McHenry (R-NC) "offered a blunt description of the Republican strategy right now." Dropping any pretense that his party’s opposition to Obama's agenda is based on anything other than politics, McHenry explained that House Republicans only goal right now is to "bring down approval numbers for Pelosi":
"We will lose on legislation. But we will win the message war every day, and every week, until November 2010," said McHenry, an outspoken conservative who has participated on the GOP message teams.

"Our goal is to bring down approval numbers for [Speaker] Nancy Pelosi. That will take repetition. This is a marathon, not a sprint."
And ABC News backs up what I am saying, their investigation shows that Pelosi used the military planes far less than former Speaker Hastert did. It also proves that O'Reilly is a dishonest and biased right-wing hack, who is helping the GOP smear Pelosi for political reasons.

From the 3-11-09 ABC News article.

Pelosi Travel Abuse? Case Not Proved

Watchdog Group Criticizes House Speaker for Travel Perks, but Records Don't Agree

March 11, 2009

The treasure trove of documents obtained by Judicial Watch from the Department of Defense regarding Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi's use of military aircraft does not prove the organization's allegation that Pelosi has made "unprecedented demands" for the flights.
In fact, it appears that Pelosi uses military aircraft less often than her predecessor, former Speaker of the House Dennis Hastert.
The documents cover the period from January 2007 to November 2008 and show that Pelosi made 20 round-trips between Washington (Andrews Air Force Base) and San Francisco.
That's an average of less than one round-trip per month.
In contrast, former Speaker Hastert traveled home to his Illinois district virtually every weekend and, his former aides tell ABC News, he would almost always travel on military aircraft. Like Hastert, Pelosi also occasionally leads Congressional delegations on foreign trips (the documents show six foreign trips: one to Asia, three to the Middle East and two to Europe).

The documents obtained also disprove another frequently repeated rumor about Pelosi's travel: that she regularly flies home to San Francisco in an Air Force C-40, the military equivalent of a Boeing 737.
According to the documents, Pelosi did not make any domestic trips on a C-40 during the 23-month period from January 2007 to November 2008. Her trips to San Francisco have all been on smaller executive aircraft, usually an Air Force C-20 (the equivalent of a Gulfstream G-3) or a more plush C-37 (a Gulfstream G-5).
And now you have the truth. Which is basically all the information O'Reilly ignored. He took a biased report from Judicial Watch, and used it to smear Pelosi to help the Republican party bring her approval numbers down.

Just look at how O'Reilly reported this story, look at what he reported, and how he reported it, with Laura Ingraham and Dennis Miller, two right-wing stooges and no Democrats. There were no Democrats used because they would expose the smear job by O'Reilly, and tell the truth about the plane trips.

It was nothing but a total right-wing smear job that was full of spin and lies. O'Reilly ignored the facts, and then smeared Pelosi to help the Republicans. What's really sad is that this is the best they can do, it's childish, and pathetic. They have no valid political arguments to attack her, so they try to smear her for using a military plane too much, and O'Reilly was more than happy to help because he is a Republican who hates her.

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