Fox & O'Reilly Ignored Friday Pro-Mosque NY Rally
By: Steve - September 13, 2010 - 9:30am

O'Reilly constantly complains about how the media ignores a lot of news because of political ideology. And of course he is talking about what he calls the liberal media, which is everyone but Fox. And he does this while ignoring the fact that Fox News ignore a lot of news that they should report, because of political ideology.

For example, here is a story you never saw on Fox. Take note of this quote that was in an AP report from Friday night:
More than 2,000 supporters of the project, waving candles and American flags, held a vigil near the proposed Islamic center's site Friday evening instead of Saturday, saying they wanted to avoid entangling the mosque controversy and the Sept. 11 observance.
Now think about this, right-wing activists opposed to the construction of the Islamic community center held a very loud rally on Aug. 22nd, a rally that drew widespread media coverage. How many attended that event? Approximately 1,000, or half as many who attended Friday's pro-mosque event.

But O'Reilly and Fox ignored the rally, and I'm not talking about a little coverage, they had nothing, zero. Not only have they ignored all the pro-mosque events, they have also ignored the families of 9-11 who support the mosque.

A group called the 9-11 families for a peaceful tomorrow have held events to support the mosque in New York, went on CNN and MSNBC to discuss it, and O'Reilly has ignored it all. Not one of them have been on the Factor, and he has not even mentioned them, or the name of their group. As he claims to be a fair and balanced Independent with a no spin zone.

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