O'Reilly Dishonest About Publishers Weekly Not Reviewing Killing Reagan
By: Steve - July 4, 2015 - 9:00am

What a shocker, Bill O'Reilly put his spin on an issue and left out almost all the facts, case in point, the so-called dismissal of his book review, even though he never submitted a title for the book, and Reagan was not killed, so the book makes no sense.

Fox News chief Roger Ailes has called Bill O'Reilly "a book salesman with a TV show." Though Ailes isn't known for understating things, this particular judgment appears a bit mild, if last weeks edition of The O'Reilly Factor is any indication. It combined chest-beating self-congratulation with chest-beating self-promotion of the sort only possible on a show with no adult supervision.

O'Reilly set himself up for a grand complaint, saying this: "Case in point, Publishers Weekly magazine, which ignored one of the biggest books of the year -- the upcoming Killing Reagan -- in its fall preview edition last week," said O'Reilly, referring to the upcoming book with Martin Dugard on the 40th president (Henry Holt & Co.; release date: Sept. 22).

His argument: Publishers Weekly dissed "Killing Reagan" for ideological reasons, as the staff of the publication is heavily liberal. Given the spectacular sales performance of last year's O'Reilly-Dugard collaboration, Killing Patton, the failure to include Killing Reagan is inexplicable, charged O'Reilly.

Not trusting O'Reilly to faithfully convey the position of Publishers Weekly, the Erik Wemple Blog contacted Publishers Weekly. Spokesman Jim Milliot told us that the magazine received 11,753 submissions for the fall announcements issue and included just 750 of them in the preview -- meaning that about 11,000 other authors are also upset with Publishers Weekly.

Milliot said this: "What we do is try to make it a range of titles. We leave out lots and lots of books."

As to the charge that Publishers Weekly propagated this grand omission for ideological reasons, the publication issued a statement last week, after O'Reilly first aired his gripes against the magazine.

"For the record, we are fine with Ronald Reagan, and also are happy to know that our readers are aware of his existence and presidency. We've reviewed six books about Reagan and the Reagan era since January 2014."

And take note of this, they have reviewed all of the O'Reilly books in the past, this is the first one they did not review, a fact O'Reilly never once reported.

Milliot: "We cover books not politics." In all, Publishers Weekly has reviewed 10 O'Reilly products over the years, including audiobooks, says Milliot. "Killing Reagan" will be the fifth in O'Reilly's Killing series -- and it's stretching things a bit, too, considering that Reagan was not killed.

In other words, they are tired of reviewing all these lame "killing someone" books O'Reilly puts out, especially when the person the book is about was not killed. They reviewed all the rest of them, but when they skip one book O'Reilly calls them a bunch of biased liberals, when they were ok after all the other reviews.

One other thing: Milliot says that Publishers Weekly received from Holt a book description with a certain omission. As shared by Milliot, here's "all the information" submitted by the publisher to the magazine:

Untitled: O'Reilly 2 by Bill O'Reilly, Martin Dugard (Sept. 22, hardcover, $30, ISBN 978-1-62779-241-7).
Bold text added to highlight a problem for Publishers Weekly. "That was a major reason why it wasn't included," says Milliot. "We really strive to get books from all over the universe, but if you don't submit the actual name of the book, that is a big strike against you."

Patricia Eisemann, a spokeswoman for Holt, also said this: "Any embargoed book is held in the data base early on as 'untitled.' The book was not announced until the last week in May."

Those are all the facts in the story, 99% of which O'Reilly never reported. If you listen to him, they did not review his book because they are liberals that do not like him. When in fact, they reviewed all his other books, and only left this one out because he did not submit a title and it was a killing book about someone who was not killed. Now you have all the facts, not the garbage O'Reilly spewed out.

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