O'Reilly Caught Lying About His Ratings Increase
By: Steve - November 3, 2009 - 10:30am

Here is proof O'Reilly lied about his ratings going up 20% because of the Obama vs Fox News war. Billy said this a few days ago on the View:
O'REILLY: "I sent Barack Obama, President Obama a fruit basket for all the comments because our ratings are up 20% since he made it."
Here are the Factor ratings for the two weeks before the war started, from September 28th to October 9th.

September 28th - 3,353,000
September 29th - 3,527,000
September 30th - 3,561,000
October 1st - 3,444,000
October 2nd - 2,743,000
October 5th - 3,142,000
October 6th - 3,263,000
October 7th - 3,676,000
October 8th - 3,765,000
October 9th - 3,125,000

Average - 3,259,000 Total Viewers a Night

Here are the Factor ratings for the two weeks after the war started, from October 12th to October 23rd.

October 12th - 3,370,000
October 13th - 3,694,000
October 14th - 3,778,000
October 15th - 3,562,000
October 16th - 2,490,000
October 19th - 3,323,000
October 20th - 3,381,000
October 21st - 3,722,000
October 22nd - 3,436,000
October 23rd - 3,426,000

Average - 3,420,000 Total Viewers a Night

The Factor gained 161,000 viewers a night in the two weeks of the Obama vs Fox News war. That is a 5% ratings increase, not a 20% increase as O'Reilly claimed.

And btw, the 3,259,000 and the 3,420,000 averages are not even close to the over 5 million viewers O'Reilly claims he is getting now. Billy said he is almost beating Katie Couric at CBS news, who gets roughly 5.9 million viewers a night. Earth to O'Reilly, 3.4 million is not the same as 5.9 million.

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