O'Reilly Ignoring Republican Unpopularity
By: Steve - May 22, 2011 - 10:00am

Every night O'Reilly puts out his right-wing spin that the people in America hate the Democrats and every policy they have, while also saying the people love the Republicans and every policy they have.

O'Reilly claims we should all vote Republican and everything will be great. But what he does not tell you is that most of the new Republican Governors are wildly unpopular, and their approval ratings are dropping by the day.

O'Reilly ignores all this, because it destroys his right-wing propaganda that the people love all the Republicans who were voted in the last election. Here are a few examples.

In pivotal swing-states where voters narrowly elected Republican governors in 2010, like Florida and Ohio (with 47 electoral votes between them) evidence of buyer's remorse is piling up fast.

The latest sign: on Tuesday, Alvin Brown became the first Democratic elected mayor of Jacksonville, Florida's largest city, in 20 years.

Just seven months ago, Republicans swept the Sunshine State with Tea Party-backed candidate Rick Scott winning the governor's office with a 1.2 percent margin of victory.

But instead of consolidating support by reaching out and winning over the reasonable edge of the opposition, as popular past Republican governors like Jeb Bush and Charlie Crist have done, Scott continued with his campaign posture of refusing to talk to the press.

He canceled a $2 billion federal high-speed rail project and is seeking to delay (and deny) implementation of an anti-gerrymandering reform ballot referendum overwhelmingly passed in 2010.

Now Rick Scott finds himself the least popular newly elected governor in Florida history. It's not just a matter of the honeymoon being over, it looks like a drunken Vegas marriage heading for a shotgun divorce.

Fifty-five percent of Florida voters disapprove of Scott's job, while only 32 percent approve, according to a recent PPP poll.

The Suffolk University poll found that 41 percent of respondents said Scott's first months in office had been "negative and damaging" while only 26 percent described it as "positive and productive."

The analysis by Suffolk Political Director David Paleologos: "It's taken Gov. Scott less than 100 days to begin a free fall in popularity and to generate negative perceptions about job performance and damaging the state he was elected to lead. There has been a backlash in public opinion on both sides of the aisle in response to his aggressive and uncompromising leadership style."

Reflecting on the upset in the Jacksonville mayor's race, St. Petersburg Political Editor Adam Smith said this: "Jacksonville is a Republican stronghold, but even with that relatively conservative electorate polls show Barack Obama more popular than Rick Scott. One of the best days for Democrat Alvin Brown came when Rick Scott came to Jacksonville to campaign for the Republican mayoral nominee at a Tea Party rally."

In Ohio, Governor John Kasich is struggling as well, after narrowly defeating Democrat incumbent Ted Strickland last fall. A new Quinnipiac poll released on Wednesday found Kasich's approval numbers upside down, with 49 percent of voters disapproving and 38 percent approving.

And it's not an isolated dynamic, the accelerated buyer's remorse is evident in other states as well. In Maine, Tea Party-backed Republican Paul LePage beat Independent candidate Eliot Cutler by less than 7,500 votes last fall.

But his stormy tenure has been marked by skirmishes over removing labor-history murals, refusing to attend MLK day celebrations and refusing to sign legislation to ban the chemical BPA because, in his words, "the worst case is some women may have little beards."

A recent poll found that only 30% of Maine residents approved of LePage.

In contrast, the newly elected Democratic Governor of New York (Andrew Cuomo) closed a $10 billion budget deficit without new taxes or new debt. Instead, he cut spending and gained concessions from public sector unions. His approval ratings actually went up, reaching a sky-high 73 percent.

Funny how you never heard a word about that from O'Reilly, even though he is a life-long New York resident, and he does his tv show there.

Notice that none of the information I just showed you is ever reported by O'Reilly, while at the same time, virtually every night he spins out the narrative that the people love Republicans and hate Democrats. Is that dishonest partisan right-wing journalism, of course it is, and that is a fact.

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