Hate is when you make racist or hate speech comments about someone. For example, if someone says I hate Bill O'Reilly and I hope he dies in a car crash, that is hate. But when you publish statements where he lied, then using his own words from his own transcript, the audio tape, or the video tape, then prove it was a lie by showing the truth, that is not hate.

And yet, O'Reilly calls that hate, when there is no hate involved, it's just good journalism, he may not like it, because it makes him look bad, but it is not hate, and there is no hate speech anywhere. Then he claims all the hate is on the left, when asked why he does not report the hate on the right he says he cant find any. And he said if anyone has evidence of any hate on the right they should send it to him and he will report it. When Ted Kennedy had a seizure all the right-wing blogs, websites, and forums had hundreds and hundreds of postings calling for Kennedy to die.

I documented some of them, then e-mailed it to Bill O'Reilly, and every one of his eight producers. All of it was ignored, and not a word of it was reported on the factor, by O'Reilly, or anyone. Then on top of that, a couple days later O'Reilly had a policing the net segment with Amanda Carpenter from the right-wing website www.townhall.com. Bill asked her if any hate speech was put out by the right-wing blogs and forums about Ted Kennedy, and she said NO, then he said that's right, and that he investigated it and he could not find any hate either. They both said nobody on the right called for Kennedy to die, like they did on the left to Tony Snow when it was reported he had cancer.

This is a stunning and massive lie, from O'Reilly and Carpenter. The old line "one person lies and the other one swears to it" comes to mind here. Read this web page and you will see the hate on the right, tons of it, not only about Ted Kennedy at freerepublic.com and the conservativesforum.com, but infopedia has a listing of 88 right-wing hate groups who are on the internet. Yet Bill O'Reilly claims there is no hate on the right, that he cant find it, and if you do show him and he will report it, then after it is shown to him he still does not report it, and then denies there was any hate about Kennedy anywhere on the net by any right-wing blogs, websites, or forums.

I have all the right-wing hate about Ted Kennedy that was ignored by O'Reilly, it is doucumented on a seperate web page I set up showing a partial list of examples of the right-wing hate speech. Visit this web page to see it.


As more proof there is massive hate on the right, hate that is all ignored by Bill O'Reilly, you can view this list of 88 known right-wing hate groups in America at infopedia:



More right-wing hate ignored by O'Reilly:

O'Reilly & Amanda Carpenter Busted by Brad Blog

  • 8-15-08 -- Exclusive: Death Threats Against Obama and 'Traitorous Liberals' Posted On Rightwing O'Reilly Contributor's Website. Fox News Host's Misleading Smear Report Decries 'Far-Left' Websites for 'Vicious Attacks' as Townhall.com's Amanda Carpenter Joins Him in Ignoring Multiple Threats Posted on Her Own Website
    "Pray They Are Defeated by Ballot Instead of Bullet," Warns One of the Ominous Posts Made in Early July and Still On the Site as of Today...
    [Update 8/15/08 5:05pm: The offending death threats discussed below, though not all of them, have now been removed by Townhall.com, and the writer's Townhall blog has had all comments scrubbed as well. So O'Reilly should therefore know about it all now, and can report on it next time Townhall's Amanda Carpenter joins him to dishonestly bash "far-left" blogs. Our cached version of the webpage still shows the offending more-than-month-old comments, as does the graphic at the bottom of this article.]

    On Wednesday night, Fox "News'" Bill O'Reilly continued his dishonest and deceptive attacks on websites, such as Huffington Post and Daily Kos, which he misleadingly describes as "hate sites" featuring "vicious far-left attacks" as based on selective reader comments he's discovered posted on those sites.

    In the latest of his continuing segments with "Internet Cop" Amanda Carpenter, of the rightwing website Townhall.com, O'Reilly pointed to a number of objectionable comments at the two sites, from "far-left kooks," before tepidly lauding both HuffPo and Daily Kos for having removed some of them, presumably after they were brought to the attention of site moderators.
    "Where is that rocket propelled grenade launcher when you need one," O'Reilly displayed on a chyron, and then "Let's hope the dissidents aim is good!" Both of the quotes are purported to be from a "Blog Posting" at Huffingtonpost, according to the Fox "News" graphic, posted in regard to a group of Iraq War Veterans who support the war effort.
    Failing to note any distinction between actual articles posted by contributors to the two sites versus comments from anonymous and pseudonymous users, O'Reilly accuses "bloggers" at the two sites of posting "despicable" material, even though it's unknown whether the commenters in question are actually rightwing posters, or even O'Reilly supporters, writing under a pseudonym. The entire segment is posted at left, as recorded yesterday by The BRAD BLOG's Alan Breslauer.

    We are unaware of O'Reilly reporting on the numerous death threats, prayers for disease and death of perceived "liberals" such as Senator Ted Kennedy, as made on any number of rightwing websites in his continuous attempts to marginalize and smear popular non-rightwing sites such as HuffPo and Daily Kos.

    We would normally be inclined to try and touch base with Carpenter, O'Reilly, Townhall, Hugh Hewitt, or even "Akennas" for comment before posting a story such as this. However, given that neither O'Reilly nor Carpenter find it similarly necessary to offer an opposing view to their vile, unfair, inaccurate and deceptive swiftboating, as made in order to mislead millions of American viewers who watch O'Reilly's show, we suppose we don't need to bother either.

    Full Story Here: Fox News Host's Misleading Smear Report


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