Jon Stewart Destroys O'Reilly & Fox For Ferguson Shooting Bias
By: Steve - September 5, 2014 - 9:00am

This is a video of Jon Stewart destroying Bill O'Reilly and the biased hacks at Fox News for their ridiculous, dishonest, and biased reporting about the protests in Ferguson Missouri over the shooting of the unarmed black kid Michael Brown.

Here is the video, it is awesome and powerful, even though he is a comedian on the comedy network, he nails it better than any actual journalist ever could. And if you only watched this video, you would think Stewart is a real journalist.

And btw, O'Reilly attacked Stewart for what he said in that video Wednesday night, even though every word Stewart said is 100% true, and most of it was simply video clips of what O'Reilly and the people at Fox actually said.

O'Reilly tore into what he called "Stewart's distortions" and warned his viewers never to believe something ever told on a partisan-driven program like Stewart's.

And O'Reilly was not hit by lightning, haha. But he should have been, because he knows Stewart was 100% accurate, O'Reilly just can not handle the truth so he attacks Stewart and claims he is lying.

I challenge anyone to watch that video and show me one word Stewart said that was not true, show me, prove it, send me the proof Stewart was wrong, about anything. How can you say he was lying when he played the actual video clips of what O'Reilly and the others at Fox said, it's impossible.

O'Reilly should have just let it go, because the reply he had to what Stewart said just makes him look insane. It's like saying don't believe what your eyes saw and what your ears heard, believe me (Bill O'Reilly) when I tell you Stewart is lying. O'Reilly is either in total denial, or he is insane, maybe both. Because what Jon Stewart said is about as accurate as a person can be in reporting anything.

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