O'Reilly Caught Spinning Gallup Tea Party Poll
By: Steve - April 6, 2010 - 12:30pm

This is classic Bill O'Reilly, ignore all the facts that prove the Tea Party is a right-wing movement, then take one flawed poll and use it to claim most people in the Tea Party are not Republicans.

Monday night O'Reilly said this:
O'REILLY: Ever since the Tea Party protests began last summer, the left-wing media in America has been attacking the movement.

At first, Tea Party folks were labeled stupid, too dumb to understand complicated issues. Then, as the protests grew, some in the media actually began calling Tea Party people dirty names, trying to diminish the movement with vile innuendo. Finally, the media turned to ideology, saying that many Tea Party people are racist and far-right cranks.

Now comes a new Gallup poll that says 43 percent of Tea Party supporters in the USA are independents, eight percent are Democrats and 49 percent are Republicans. When you add 43 and eight, you get 51 percent. That means the majority of Tea Party supporters in America are not Republicans.
Wrong! What it means is that O'Reilly is a biased, lying, spinning, right-wing hack of a pretend journalist. Just look at what O'Reilly ignored from the very same poll he quoted, it says this in the Gallup poll:
Tea Party supporters are decidedly Republican and conservative in their leanings. Also, compared with average Americans, supporters are slightly more likely to be male and less likely to be lower-income.
The poll also asked the Tea Party members if they are conservative, moderate, or liberal, and a whopping 70% said they are conservative, 22% said they were moderates, and only 7% said they are liberals. Yet O'Reilly claims the poll shows that most of them are not Republicans, when it shows the exact opposite. If 70% of them admit to being conservative, they are Republicans.

O'Reilly adds the 43 percent of Tea Party supporters that say they are independents, to the eight percent who say they are Democrats, then compares it to the 49 percent that say they are Republicans. Then he claims that means the majority of Tea Party supporters are not Republican. It's just ridiculous, especially when the very same poll shows that 70% of them are conservatives.

O'Reilly claimed all independents are independent, which is insane, because they are either right-leaning independents, or left-leaning independents. In all the other polls they claim to be independents, but when they were asked who they would vote for 87% said the Republican candidate. Studies have shown that only 8 to 10 percent of the population are real independents, the rest lean left or lean right. So lumping all independents in with the Democrats is dishonest and just flat out wrong.

In the same Gallup poll it says that Tea Party members are 87% against the Obama-Pelosi health care bill, 37% above the national average, with 65% also being pro-life, which is 20% higher than the national average. O'Reilly failed to report any of that either.

The poll also shows that the Tea Party IS moslty Republican, if you look at the full PDF file with all the poll results you see this:
-- Republican: 57

-- Democrat: 13

-- Independent: 28
Gallup calls this overwhelmingly rightward tilt "fairly mainstream." That conclusion comes with very powerful spin, which certainly isn't neutral by anyone's objective standard. O'Reilly ignores all that data to dishonestly put all independents in with the Democrats, when he knows that is not true. Because some of the independents lean left, some lean right.

The Gallup poll was terrible, they did not even ask if they voted for Obama, or if there was an election with a Democrat and a Republican who would they vote for. If you ask those two questions you actually find out if they are a conservative or not.

There are almost no real independents, they are either liberal independents or conservative independents. so you have to ask them if they lean liberal or lean conservative. If you just ask if you are independent, Democrat, or Republican you do not get the truth.

Here is an example, I am a liberal. But i am registered as an independent, so if I take a poll and they ask me what party I am in, I say independent. When i am clearly not a real independent, I am a liberal. but I would be counted as an independent, when it's clear that I am a liberal. To be honest in these polls, they are going to have to start asking the independents if they lean left or lean right, otherwise you have a flawed poll.

And if the tea party is not a mostly right-wing group how come Hannity, Beck, O'Reilly, and all of Fox news support and defend them, but nobody else does. Plus their leaders are all Republicans, Sarah Palin, Glenn Beck, and Michele Bachmann are their leaders, and all their protests are against Democrats.

And btw, the only people defending the Tea Party are Republicans, that means you O'Reilly. He is a Republican who also claims to be an independent, just like all these liars that took the Gallup poll.

This is dishonest journalism by O'Reilly, and he knows it, yet he spins the Gallup poll anyway. This was not journalism, it was total right-wing spin, by the man who claims to be a nonpartisan independent with a no spin zone.

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