O'Reilly Ignored Tea Party Express Racism Story
By: Steve - July 19, 2010 - 9:00pm

As I predicted, on the Monday night Factor Bill O'Reilly did not say one word about the racist Tea Party Express spokesman Mark Williams being kicked out of the National Tea Party Federation for writing racist statements on his blog. And this story was listed as the #2 story on the Google News most popular articles page.

This was a big story that was all over the media on Monday, on tv, radio, and the internet. But neither O'Reilly or his media bias analyst Bernie Goldberg said one word about it. But they sure had plenty of time to complain about the media ignoring the bogus Blank Panther voter intimidation story. It's massive hypocrisy, and a giant double standard.

Which just proves once again that O'Reilly is a fraud of a journalist, as he claims the rest of the media is corrupt for ignoring the Black Panther story, he is doing the very same thing by ignoring the Mark Williams Tea Party racism story. Even after he said he could not find any racism in the Tea Party.

And btw, when I say the Tea Party is racist, I do not mean everyone in the Tea Party. I am just talking about some of them, not all of them. It would be crazy to say they are all racists, which I would never do, and have never done.

Read this O'Reilly, then maybe you will have a clue.

Sunday on the CBS Face the Nation New show, TeaParty365 co-founder David Webb said that the National Tea Party Federation has expelled Mark Williams and his Tea Party Express, in the last 24 hours, for his clearly offensive satirical letter saying coloreds supported slavery.

Earth to Bill O'Reilly, that is racism, he did it, just a few days ago. Mark Williams wrote a racist letter using the word coloreds, saying blacks supported slavery. Then after he took some heat for it, he removed it, but it was too late because people had already seen it and taken screen captures of it.

Dear Bill O'Reilly, that is direct evidence of racism in the Tea Party. And not from just any Tea Party member, from the head of the freaking Tea Party Express, Mark Williams. Which is the same Tea Party Express Fox News promoted the hell out of, all day and all night for a month.

The National Tea Party Federation kicked him out for racism, so report that jackass, and stop denying there is racism in the Tea Party. What say you Billy?

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