O'Reilly Still Ignoring Wisconsin Judge's Order Story
By: Steve - April 1, 2011 - 9:00am

This is the 2nd ruling from the judge in 2 weeks, and O'Reilly has totally ignored both rulings. Almost two weeks ago, Wisconsin state Judge Maryann Sumi issued a temporary restraining order (TRO) prohibiting Wisconsin's Secretary of State from publishing Gov. Scott Walker's (R) anti-union law.

Because Wisconsin law requires the Secretary of State's office to publish a law before the law may take effect, this TRO should have suspended the law for as long as Sumi's order remains in effect.

Despite all that, the state's Republican leadership asked a different government office to publish the law on its website, and the Walker Administration has already begun to implement the law in defiance of Sumi's original order.

Then on Thursday morning, Judge Sumi issued a new order clarifying that any attempt to implement Walker's assault on working families is lawless:
It is hereby DECLARED that 2011 Wisconsin Act 10 has not been published, and is therefore not in effect.
And btw, in a third order, issued three days ago, Judge Sumi threatened sanctions against officials who act in defiance of her court orders. Under Wisconsin law, someone who intentionally defies a court order is in contempt of court, and can be fined up to $2,000 for each day that they disobey the court or imprisoned for up to six months.

One interesting note in this entire debacle is that the sole basis of Sumi's orders is a claim that Wisconsin Republicans violated the state's open meetings law by passing the order without proper notice.

Accordingly, Gov. Walker's anti-union allies could eliminate this legal barrier simply by voting on the law again after providing the legally required notice. The fact that they have not yet done so suggests that they may no longer have the votes to pass Walker's bill now.

And the AP reports that "Two Walker administration officials who spoke to The Associated Press on the condition of anonymity because the governor had not publicly announced his plans, said he would announce later Thursday that he would comply with Sumi's ruling."

Now think about this, O'Reilly is Mr. law and order, he does a weekly is it legal segment on his show, and he has even said if we do not follow the laws we have chaos. So here we have a sitting Governor violating a court order, and O'Reilly does not even report on it. That's chaos, and yet O'Reilly has not said a word.

Now just imagine what O'Reilly would say if a Democratic Governor was violating a court order against a Republican, O'Reilly would have two or three segments a night on it for a week. But when a Republican Governor does it he ignores it all. As he claims to be a non-partisan Independent with a no spin zone.

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